The third age gymnastic is a motor activity for older people and for people without a particular training and for people with specific physical conditions and who can’t do sharp movements.

The third age gymnastic consists in some exercises based on the perception, sensation of the body and relax, avoiding efforts and an energetic surplus. You can learn how to relax muscles ad sockets and help us to prevent motor dysfunctions caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

It is based on the concept of being aware of your body, on the unitary conception of the body and on the recovery of a relaxing training which gives priority to the feelings, to a work without excess respecting your personal and internal rhythm.

On this purpose, the conscious breathing has a fundamental role, as the exercises for your back, the point where all tensions download themselves to.

It’s aim is the one to favor the muscular and skeletal flexibility, the motor capability and a correct global posture for third age people whose movements are more difficult.

All the movements, postures and exercise are right for men and women.