The neuro-muscular Tape is a cotton strip with elastic properties and which does not contain any kind of medicine nut uses the anatomic structure of human body with his properties.

You cn apply it with different type of tension that depends on the effect you want to have.

Muscular function:
-restoration of the right muscular tension
-reduction of the muscular fatigue
-increase of the muscular contraction in a weak muscles
-decrease of the excessive tension of the muscle
-decrease of cramps and possible accidents

Lymph function:
-increase of the blood and lymph circulation
-decrease of the excess of heat in the tissue
-opening of the lymph drainage under the skin (it helps to eliminate an edema or a bleeding between skin and tissue)
-reduction of the inflammation
-reduction of muscle’s and socket’s pain.

Articular function:
-pain reduction
-increase of the ROM (extent of movement)

Generality of the strip:
-100% cotton without latex
-it permits to the skin to perspire
-without medicines
-acrylic sticker activated by skin’s heat
-easy tolerable, hypoallergenic, impermeable
-you can use it for various days

The tape must be seen ad an adjunctive therapy to the regular motor adaptive and compensative activity made during the session.