Groin pain is a pain which occurs in the inguinal zone and it is a overloading pathology. It occurs when the inflamed structures are in tension. You can also feel pain in the internal part of your thigh and/or in the abdominal region.

It can be classified into:

  • insertional tendinopathy, caused by micro-traumas of the adductor muscles of your thigh and of the abdominal muscles.
  • sifisiaria  syndrome: it cause by micro-traumas lead by the adductor muscles which acting in elongation and not in a balanced way between the two arts, they create a sort of failure at the level of the symphysis.
  • syndrome of the sheat of the abdominal rectum: it is caused by the act of kicking, during which you create a huge tension at the level of your abdominal musculature.

Anyway, it is necessary to have a correct session of motor and compensative activity in order to ripristinate the muscular balance and reduce pain and also to return to a normal lifestyle and sport activity.