With the term trauma we mean every kind of injury because of a mechanic action.

A physical trauma occurs when an organism is submitted to particular shots, penetrations, tractions, or frictions, from a moving object that can lead to post-pathologies like tears, strains, distortions, dislocations, fractures ecc…

These traumas need an accurate and precise program of personalized motor activity which accomodate the need of every single patient. It is necessary to make a correct and compensatory activity, considering that particular traumas in order to have a complete functional recovery.

if you don’t care about a simple ankle or knee distortion, without the injury of ligaments, or a common shoulder inflammation you can have bigger and more important traumas.

The correct motor activity of an articulation prevents you from having damages.

The active treatments are more important and they can permit you to return to you normal daily life and/or to your trainings and common activities and so to a complete functional recovery.