Lumbago is the most appropriate term to indicate a pain of different affections (hernias, scoliosis, discopathy ecc…) that have in common a painful manifestation along the lumbar region.

It is characterized by pain and/or muscular contracture and rigidity.

This kind of pain can be classified into:
– local: caused by the irritation of the nervo terminations musculoskeletal spinal structures.
-from a muscular defensive contracture.
-radicular: because of a stretching, compression or irritation of the nervous source.
-referred: if it comes from extra-vertebral organs.

The first aim of the motor activity program is to prevent and cure back pains is to unload the lumbar structures by stresses and to render the abdominal, spinal, lumbar musculature, more tonic and elastic in order to live normally. You must integrate this activity with a regular and aerobically program in order to reach your ideal body weight.