Corrective for young and adults

The corrective gymnastic’s aim is to limit he development of postural defects where signs of postural alterations can be evident, and to correct muscular imbalances which have provoked alterations in some parts of your body.

So it is important to make a correct medical history and postural analysis so we can underline a spoiled attitude.

With the corrective gymnastic you can correct the “paramorfismi” (postural defects provoked by the deviation of the spine on the sagittal and frontal plan. These alterations have a reversible and improvable character without structural deformities for bone components.

It is indicated for young and adults with:

Scoliosis or a scoliosis attitude:
A condition which implies a huge lateral curvature of rotation of the spine, due to atrophic muscles to one side and to hypertrophic to the other.

Curved back:
Accentuation of the physiological lateral rotation curve of the spine which provokes an anterior crushing of the vertebrae or a respiratory damage.

Lumbar hyperkyphosis;
Backward shoulders; 
Valgus or varus knee.