With the term “cervical” we mean a generic pain which starts from neck and continues to shoulders and in the worst cases it radiates to arms and it can prevent you acting normally and it can also continue for a long period of time.

In most cases the origin of this pain is a no-serious alteration of the mechanic structure located in the first vertebras of the spine: we are talking about the ligaments, intra-vertebral discs, and posterior rear sockets which permits movement and head’s sustain.

A simple but inappropriate, instantaneous, sharp or prolonged effort with your neck or even a wrong posture can can lead to an injury of these structures.

It is necessary to follow a specific program of motor and compensative activity. The active exercises play an important role because is the only way to rebalance the anomalies and abnormalities of the cervical muscle. In fact the motor activity’s aim is to dissolve tension and stress, and mobiles the stiff and contract cervical vertebras.

“The pharmacological therapy eliminate pain but if you want to feel better you have to change your lifestyle. It’s essential to understand that the first part of your recovery must be followed by a sport science doctor, but to keep a correct posture it is necessary to follow also a regular sport activity.