clinical cases

Patrizia D. Obesity - Psoriatic arthritis

I’m 55 years old and I’ve started my therapy with Antonello on September 2015.

I suffer of a psoriatic arthritis which is a disease of the immune system. After a break of the left foot and after the menopause I have had cardiovascular problems, hypertension, cholesterolemia, types 2 diabetes and obviously overweight. So a lot of problems.

My arthritis prevented my movement and caused big states of tiredness, prevent me to have a normal lifestyle during daily life. Since I’ve started the therapy in this place, things have changed. Everyday the activities were right for my particular condition and so I was able to finish them and when I come back home I had more energies to have a normal lifestyle.

My life is different now.

Marcella S. Lombalgia - Cervicalgia - Algia ginocchio

Hi Antonello and Sara, I’ve had the fortune to know you thanks to a friend of mine, who suggested me to undertake a therapy session at your medical office. This, when it was September 2014. After a month passed with pain and swelling to one knee and back pain you’ve suggested me to have some session at your medical office and so I did it. Sara, with her patient and dedication, helped me with different exercises for my weakened knee, the same for my back and mi spine. At every session she applied on my body even some strips. My back seemed a sculpture, something like a work of art. I immediately benefit from the therapy. Today I have to thank you Sara. I’ve discovered that even without taking medicine you can feel better. Everyone of us, when time passes, assume wrong postures. We need people like you who, with your knowledge and study of the human body, without manipulation, restore balance.

Matteo D. Lombalgia - Pubalgia - Dismetrie posturali

I suffered of low back pain, groin and pain to the left shoulder after a trauma.

We made five months of therapy with muscular elongation and strengthening exercises.

From the first sessions I’ve felt less pain. At the end of the therapy there was no more pain and we had restore all the mobility and the muscular tone and we had restore my correct posture.

Thank you Antonello.

Luigi B. Lombalgia - Dismetrie posturali

I’m 55 years old and I’ve started my therapy with Antonello on September 2015 because I was suffering of back pains.

After three months of special treatments with Dr. Pirelli to potentiate and stretch some particular structures, I still feel fine today and I’m not suffering anymore. I thank him for his professionalism. Greetings.